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Stepping Stones
September 14, 2019

Sisters Seeking Change

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Sisters Seeking Change

for African American women

Sisters Seeking Change is a NEW program that just started in February 2018 that’s focused on helping African American domestic violence survivors. This is an open 8-week long support group that provides childcare free of charge. Over the course of the 8 weeks we will talk about several topics that are relevant to domestic violence such as safety planning, establishing healthy relationships in the future, setting boundaries and the barriers that African Americans face when dealing with DV. This group also stands out from the other groups because it features guest speakers and activities for the purpose of providing skills in a variety of ways.

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Our mission is to identify, reduce, and eliminate risk factors that impede the safety and personal success of youth, women, and their families. We strive to empower people to become successful, self-sufficient individuals who are victims of domestic violence.

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