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May 4, 2020
Legal Assistance
April 30, 2020

Advocacy Programs

Our Sisters’ House
2714 North 21st St. Unit #3, Tacoma WA 98409
Phone: (253) 383-4275
Hours: M-F; 9:00am-4:30pm
Provides on-on-one advocacy and support for individuals and families who are victims of domestic violence.

Tacoma Community House Client Advocacy Services
1314 S. L Street, Tacoma WA, 98415
Phone: (253) 383-3951
Tacoma Community House provides free services and support to individuals who have been harmed by domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and many other crimes. They will pair you with a caring legal advocate who understands the law and your rights so that you may return to a place of safety, stability, and independence. Also offers education, employment, and immigration services.

Korean Women’s Association
123 E. 96th St., Tacoma WA 98445
Hotline: (253) 359-0470
Phone: (253) 535-4202
Supportive services are available to any and all survivors, regardless of gender, age, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or other cultural identities. Supportive services are provided at a separate location from the confidential shelter. Please call the 24/7 hotline for further details.

Crystal Judson Family Justice Center
718 Court E, Tacoma, WA 98402
Phone: (253) 798-4166
Provides survivors of domestic violence with the opportunity to create safer, more stable lives for themselves and their children by providing in-depth, professionally supported, comprehensive services.

Catherine Place Hope Healing Connection
923 S. 8th St., Tacoma WA, 98402
Phone: (253) 572-3574
Offers one-on-one support for individuals working stressors and transitions associated with poverty, violence, unemployment, illness, and immigration.

Centro Latino
1208 S. 10th St, Tacoma WA, 98405
Phone: (253) 572-7717
Bilingual Family Services. Advocacy and referral for individuals and families in crisis. Guide and support for families through the court, healthcare, and Social Service system. May provide rental assistance, help with first months rent, or limited motels stays for Hispanic & Native populations.

Rebuilding Hope (Sexual Assault Center)
101 E. 26th St. Suite 200, Tacoma WA, 98421
Hours: M-TH; 8:30am-5:30pm
Hotline: (253) 474-7213
Phone: (253) 597-6424
Provides advocacy services centered around encouraging the empowerment of victim-survivors during their healing process, supporting friends and family, and providing education about the issues surrounding sexual assault and abuse.

New Beginnings
Phone: (206) 522-9473
New Beginnings offers support and help to find new housing or stay in your current home. They can offer flexible funds to help you stay in your safe home or move to new housing by paying for back rent, travel to relocate, move-in costs, utilities, or other expenses that might help you get or keep housing. New beginnings offer short term housing for survivors of all genders, individually or with children, who have left an abusive relationship and are in danger or face other special challenges to finding housing. Applicable for residents of King County only.

Community Youth Services
711 State Ave, NE Olympia WA, 98506
Phone: (360) 943-0780
Community Youth Services empowers youth-at-risk and their families to meet their goals for safety, stability, belonging and success by providing a continuum of individualized services and advocacy.

The DOVE Project - Vashon Island
CALL OR TEXT: (206) 462-0911 OR (206) 940-6430
DOVE offers a wide range of services to support domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, including legal advocact. Offers ​prevention education trainings on bystander intervention, financial empowerment, and self-defense, to talks on the root causes of domestic violence.

Helping Survivors
Helping Survivors offers resources to assist survivors and families of domestic violence, sexual assault or abuse. Information around different instances of sexual violence can be found on their website along with a guide specific to domestic violence and sexual abuse, and how to help someone who has experienced this type of abuse and warning signs to be aware of.

4008 MLK Jr Way S., Seattle WA, 98108
Phone: (206) 721-0243
ReWa offers services to local refugee and immigrant communities to overcome the barriers they face. ReWA offers case management to families, domestic violence support, employment/vocational training, ESL training, housing, and homelessness prevention.

Jewish Family Service
1601 16th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: (206) 461-3240
JFS helps vulnerable individuals and families in the Puget Sound region achieve well-being, health, and stability. Provides effective services to people of all backgrounds and also provide services to meet the particular needs of Jewish individuals and families in the region. Offers counseling & addiction services, emergency financial assistance, domestic violence advocacy, services for older adults, immigrants, and refugees, and supportive living services for individuals with disabilities. Financial assistance may be available for emergencies like eviction prevention, move-in costs such as first/last months’ rent and security deposits, medical expenses, past due utility bills, transportation, or school clothes.

The REACH Center
Phone: (253) 573-6882
Provides individualized case management support for youth ages 13-24 who are dealing with homelessness. If you are experiencing homelessness, The REACH Center supports you in finding a home and employment that will allow you to be self-sufficient through the Housing For Success (H4S) Program, in partnership with Vadis, Shared Housing Services, and Associated Ministries.
ACT online intake form

The Mockingbird Society
2100 24th Ave S, Suite 240, Seattle, WA 98144
Phone: (206) 323-5437
Mockingbird creates, supports, and advocates for racially equitable, healthy environments that develop young people at risk of or experiencing foster care or homelessness.

JBLM Family Advocacy Program
Phone: (253) 967-7409
Class Enrollment: (253) 967-5901
N 3rd St. JBLM, WA 98433.
Hours: M-F; 7:30am-4:30pm
The U.S. Army Family Advocacy Program (FAP) helps Soldiers and their Families recognize and prepare for the unique challenges of military lifestyles. Our services include seminars, workshops, counseling, and intervention to help strengthen the relationships of Army Families. Provides support through prevention of domestic abuse, child abuse, and neglect of Soldiers and their Families by offering education, prompt reporting, investigation, intervention, and treatment.

Triple P Positive Parenting Program (Hope sparks)
6424 N. 9th St. Tacoma, WA 98406
Phone: (253) 565-4484
Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them confidently manage their children's behavior, and promote healthy development.

Rainbow Center (LGTBQ)
2215 Pacific Ave., Tacoma WA, 98402
Phone: (253) 383-2318
Hours: 1:00pm-5:00pm
The Rainbow Center has served as a resource hub for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning (LGBTQ) and allied community in South Puget Sound. Rainbow Center has daily open hours, where resources—including a lending library, computer and Wi-Fi access, advocacy services, and educational materials—are available to community members.

Salvation Army Seattle
Phone: (206) 447-9944
The Salvation Army DV Community Advocacy Program (CAP) has operated near downtown Seattle for over 20 years. Open Monday through Friday 8.15 am to 4.00 pm; it offers confidential services to all-gender adult survivors such as safety planning, help with basic needs, information and referral to community resources, domestic violence education, and legal advocacy.
CAP also has programs to assist all-gender survivors with placement and stability in rental housing and can provide financial assistance for rent, move-in costs, and other necessities (Eligibility criteria apply depending on the funding source). We also offer legal advocacy to assist survivors in navigating the legal system. Our legal advocate can provide legal information, referrals to legal resources, help with paperwork completion, and court accompaniment (subject to demand). A legal advocate is not an attorney however and cannot provide legal representation in court or give legal advice.

Seattle Indian Health Board
611 12th Ave. S., Seattle WA, 98144
Phone: (206) 324-9360
Provides advocacy, education, and support, and ensures culturally appropriate, high quality and accessible human services to American Indians and Alaskan Natives. Provides health care services, domestic violence advocacy, financial assistance, and emergency services.

Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County
Phone: (425) 252-2873
Offers domestic advocacy services to survivors of domestic violence including, emergency shelter, supportive housing services, legal advocacy, and support groups.

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