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Sisters Seeking Change
September 14, 2019
Black History Month Icon
March 4, 2024

Welcome to Our Sisters’ House, a virtual community where empowerment is emphasized, tales are exchanged, and sisterhood flourishes. We’re going to go on a trip through this blog to connect, support, and celebrate the amazing connection that women have all around the world. Join us as we explore the importance of sisterhood while creating a community that celebrates the strength, resiliency, and individual experiences of every woman. We’ll have uplifting stories and thoughtful conversations on a range of issues. Together, we create a safe haven where the strength of sisterly love rules and everyone’s voices and hearts are heard.  

We are starting a blog so we can better connect to our community, widen our reach and hopefully inspire those who may need to speak to an advocate, access our services or just want to support our mission will know just how to do that.  

We will blog weekly, and keep you updated on our happenings, challenges and successes. We look forward to sharing with you and hope this is just the beginning of something great.  

Greetings from Our Sisters’ House, a place that celebrates the beauty of each sister’s unique narrative. 

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