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January 8, 2021
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November 23, 2020

Crime Victim Services

If you have been injured or traumatized as a result of a violent crime in Washington State, you may be able to receive benefits.

To qualify for benefits you must have:
Sustained a physical injury or mental health trauma as a result of a gross misdemeanor or felony crime in Washington State.
Reported the crime to law enforcement and cooperated with the investigation.
File a report with law enforcement within one year from the date of the crime or within one year from when it reasonably could have been reported.
Submit an application for benefits within two years of the crime being reported to law enforcement. Or, up to five years from the police report in certain circumstances.
For minors, at the time of the crime, the application must be filed within two years of their 18th birthday.
Circumstances vary and the laws are complex. To determine if you qualify for benefits please file a claim.

What are the benefits?
Medical/dental treatment
Mental health treatment
Grief counseling
Partial wage loss replacement
Funeral expenses
Expenses not covered by other insurance (such as co-pays and deductibles)

How much is covered depends upon your insurance, and your situation.
Maximum per claim: $190,000
Medical/Mental Health treatment: $150,000 maximum
Wages (payments are based on 60% of the victim's wages)
Family benefits of homicide victims: $40,000 maximum, includes burial expenses
Temporary wage loss benefit (returning to work): up to $15,000
Permanent total disability wage loss benefit: up to $40,000
Burial expenses: up to $6,620

Crime scene cleanup, identity theft, and loss of personal property are not covered.

Claims filed under these circumstances may be denied.

If your injuries occurred:
While committing a felony
During incarceration
As the result of your consent, provocation, or incitement.
Or, if you owe restitution or fines from a violent offense or crime against another person.

Circumstances vary and the laws are complex. To determine if you qualify for benefits please file a claim.

If you disagree with a decision, send a protest within 90 days of receiving the decision. The more information you provide, the faster your decision will be reviewed.

If you disagree with the follow-up decision, then submit an appeal to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals.

Common reasons a claim may be denied
No police report filed.
No signature on the application.
Crime not committed in Washington State

For Crime Victims, please fill out the Crime Victim Application for Benefits.

For homicide victim benefits, please fill out the Homicide Crime Victim Application form.

You will hear back within 5-7 days regarding receipt of your application and in most cases within 15-18 days regarding the outcome of your application. Call 800-762-3716 to check the status of your application.

If you have questions or need assistance from a crime victim advocate, please call us at (253) 383-4275.

The Crime Victims Compensation Program is the payer of last resort. This means that benefits are only provided after primary insurance has paid, if you have it.
Examples of primary insurance:
Your own medical insurance
Public health care, such as Medicaid
Auto, life, or homeowner’s insurance policies

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