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Emergency Shelters

YWCA Pierce County
405 Broadway, Tacoma WA, 98402
Phone: (253) 383-2593
The YWCA Pierce County shelter provides self shelter, which is safe and confidential temporary housing to survivors and their children due to domestic violence. The shelter is up to 90 days and includes basic needs, support services, and 24-hour advocacy.

Korean Women’s Association
123 E. 96th St., Tacoma WA 98445
Hotline: (253) 359-0470
Phone: (253) 535-4202
Supportive services are available to any and all survivors, regardless of gender, age, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or other cultural identities. Supportive services are provided at a separate location from the confidential shelter. Please call the 24/7 hotline for further details.

Dawn Rising for Domestic Peace
221 W. Gowe St., Kent WA, 98032
Phone: (425) 656-7867 or (877) 465-7234
Protects women and children from domestic abuse, providing shelter, support, and empowerment.

Transitional Housing - God’s House of Second Chances
Phone: (253) 590-9869
Transitional Housing- God’s House of Providing transitional housing single women in difficult positions in life. Faith-based, clean and sober transitional housing.

Family Renewal Shelter
6832 Pacific Ave., Tacoma WA, 98408
Phone: (253) 475-9010
Family renewal shelter offers: emergency advocacy, case management, on-site animal kennels, shelter pets, donated cars. Case Management and legal referrals provided to help families with legal issues, housing, educational and employment searches, relocation and change of identity. Emergency advocacy and transportation from hospitals, police stations, churches, motels and neighbors, as well as transportation for residents scheduled medical, legal and personal appointments.

Mary’s Place
113 Dexter Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: (206) 245-1026
Mary’s Place provides safe, inclusive shelter and services that support women, children, and families. Meals, showers, and laundry facilities.

Family Day Center
5050 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma WA, 98408
Phone: (253) 471-5340
Hours: Mon, Tues, Thu, Friday: 9:00am - 4:00pm; Wednesdays: Noon to 6:00pm
No appointment is necessary. Homeless families can drop in anytime within these hours. They will have access to showers and laundry, kitchen facilities for cooking, and computers. A case manager is also present to provide Coordinated Entry assessments and assist families with housing and additional resources. (“Family” is defined as a parent or parents with minor children in their custody or a pregnant woman.)

Rosie’s Overnight Shelter (Youth 18-24)
520 Pear St. SE Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: (360) 943-0780 ext. 186
Rosie’s Shelter is an emergency overnight shelter for young people 18-24 years old. It is our intention that the shelter is as low-barrier as possible in order to provide as accessible a program as possible for young people who need a warm, dry, and safe place to sleep at night. The only thing a young person needs to stay in the shelter is any form of identification that has the person’s name and birthdate on it. This does not need to be a state-issued photo ID, it can be a copy of medical, school, DOC, records that provide a birthdate. If a young person does not have any of the above, Overnight Shelter or Rosie’s Place staff can assist them in accessing those records.

The Beacon Center
415 South 13th Street, Tacoma WA, 98402
Phone: (253) 677-0102
The overnight shelter has 50 beds and serves young people, ages 18-24, who are experiencing homelessness.

Open Hearth Ministries
Screening intake for families: (253) 307-2274
Hours: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
A family who calls the Open Hearth Ministries line will speak directly with or receive a return call from, a volunteer screener who obtains basic information from the family and determines if the family meets our criteria. Eligibility criteria include: The family must currently be homeless, their most recent address must be in Eastern Pierce County, and school-age children must be enrolled in one of the local school districts. If the criteria are met, the screener will make arrangements with a local motel and contact a volunteer visitor who will visit the family and help them begin the long process of ending their homelessness. The screener also refers the family to Access Point 4 Housing (253-682-3401), the centralized intake office for Pierce County homeless.

Family Shelter at MDC at Bethlehem Baptist Church
Phone: (253) 475-4173
Partnership between MDC and Bethlehem Baptist Church. Provides nightly shelter to families, couples, and unaccompanied women (no single men). Guests need to call beforehand to register. Will need a photo id.

YWCA Pathways for Women Shelter
6027 208th St SW, Lynnwood WA 98036
Phone: (425) 774-9843 x 226
YWCA Pathways for Women is a 45-day emergency shelter for single adult women and mothers with children. Give all clients the opportunity to find decent, affordable, and safe housing for themselves and their children. Clients have their own room and meet regularly with an advocate to develop and execute a Housing Stability Action Plan.

Hospitality House
1419 SW 150th St, Burien, WA 98166
Phone: (206) 242-1860
Email: [email protected]
Daytime Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm
Night Hours: Open each night of the year at 6:00pm
Hospitality House seeks to help homeless women find home, health and hope. Located in South King County, Hospitality House aims to provide clients with basic needs - a bed, a hot meal, and a safe and stable environment. Their clients' objective is to find permanent housing and financial stability but how that is achieved is based upon the needs of the individual client. Case managers support clients throughout their program and help identify needs to develop an individual case plan that includes goals and timelines to complete during their program.

The Hospitality House shelter program includes an intense 90 day program plan that allows clients to have a home while they work to overcome the circumstances around their temporary homelessness. Basic services include immediate shelter, meals, and case management to assess needs, remove barriers, and assist in securing stable housing. Residents may have need for a number of services including health care, day services, employment preparation and support, treatment for mental health or substance abuse, counseling assistance with acquiring clothing and furnishings, and other services specific to each individual case plan. During their stay at Hospitality House, clients are provided with programming in areas such as life skills, money management, resume writing, vocational opportunities and health and diet skills.

New Beginnings
Phone: (206) 522-9473
New Beginnings offers support and help to find new housing or stay in your current home. They can offer flexible funds to help you stay in your safe home or move to new housing by paying for back rent, travel to relocate, move-in costs, utilities, or other expenses that might help you get or keep housing. New beginnings offer short term housing for survivors of all genders, individually or with children, who have left an abusive relationship and are in danger or face other special challenges to finding housing. Applicable for residents of King County only.

YWCA Downtown Seattle
Phone: (206) 461-4882
The YWCA Downtown Seattle shelter provides self shelter, which is safe and confidential temporary housing to survivors and their children due to domestic violence. The shelter is up to 90 days and includes basic needs, support services, and 24-hour advocacy.

YWCA Alive - Bremerton
Phone: (360) 479-5118 or (800) 500-5513
YWCA Kitsap County operates a 13-bed confidential emergency shelter for victims and their children fleeing an immediately dangerous situation due to domestic violence. Guests in the shelter have access to the following: 24/7 Advocacy Services, 24/7 Safety Planning, Housing Advocacy Services, Case Management, Resources and Referrals. All callers who request emergency shelter are screened over the phone. If the emergency shelter is full, advocates will identify alternative locations for the caller to access a place to stay.

LifeWire Shelter
Phone: (800) 827-8840
LifeWire helps adults, children, and youth who have been impacted by domestic violence to build safer, healthier homes by offering support, resources, and professional services including survivor advocacy, mental health therapy, legal advocacy, shelter, and housing.

SafePlace Shelter Olympia
Phone: (360) 754-6300
SafePlace operates a residence where survivors can recover and find respite for a short time. Our house has 10 bedrooms and a total of 28 beds serving high-risk adults and their children.

Broadview Shelter
Phone: 211/(206) 299-2500
Broadview is a safe haven at a secure location for mothers and kids experiencing homelessness. They provide case management, children's programs, domestic violence, addiction support groups, parenting classes, and housing search assistance. For family shelter call 211 or the domestic violence hotline (206) 299-2500.

Tacoma Rescue Mission & Adams Street Family Shelter
425 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma WA, 98402
Phone: (253) 383-4493
Provides complete services to help stabilize and transition people to recovery and self-sufficiency. The Good Neighbor Cafe is the “front door” to many of the Rescue Mission’s facilities and programs, offering healthy, well-balanced meals to hundreds of homeless men and women every day. Short-term shelter is offered for men and women at the Downtown Campus. Rehabilitation services are housed at this location. The family shelter is located at the Adams Street campus.

Turning Pointe
210 Pacific Court, Shelton WA 98584
Phone: Call or text (360) 432-1212
Turning Pointe operates one of the largest DV shelters in the state. They are a 60-bed shelter that is pet-friendly. The average stay at the shelter is 60 days but we allow clients to stay for up to 90 days. We offer housing referrals and assistance finding employment. Provide advocacy and supportive services after survivors transition to more permanent housing for as long as they are in need.

Nativity House Shelter
702 S 14th St., Tacoma, WA 98405
Phone: (253) 502-2780
Hours: 7:00am-5:00pm
Guests seeking overnight are asked to check in with staff after 4:30 p.m. to get on the waiting list. Nativity House is the largest, most comprehensive facility in Pierce County serving low-income and homeless adult men and women. Provides for the basic needs of adult individuals experiencing homelessness and offers concrete pathways to permanent housing and self-sufficiency. The new Nativity House combines the services previously offered by three separate Homeless Adult Services (HAS) programs: Hospitality Kitchen, Nativity House, and Tacoma Avenue Shelter. Services are provided 365 days per year and include hot meals, day shelter, overnight shelter, mental health, and chemical dependency assessments and referrals, rapid re-housing, access to mainstream public benefits such as Medicare and SSI, and job training.

Abused Women And Children at Hope Alliance - Centralia
Phone: (360) 748-6601
Provides emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children. Serves victims of domestic violence regardless of gender. Location of shelter is kept confidential. Legal advocate available to help with legal questions and protection orders.

Warming Center at Eastside Community Center
Phone: (253) 392-4014.
The Warming Center located at the Eastside Community Center (1721 E. 56th Street) will be open continuously through March 31. Sleeping mats, meals, showers, and connections to supportive services are provided to all participants. Participants must wear masks, maintain social distancing, and follow all other required safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
The Warming Center operates at full capacity (55 people) 24-hours a day. Walk-ins will also be accommodated as capacity allows and any visitors that are not able to be accommodated will be referred to alternate resources by center staff.

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