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End Lease with Landlord Due to Domestic Violence
August 25, 2020
Substance Use & Recovery
May 15, 2020

COVID-19 Resources

The best place to find the most updated information about services is on the Human Services Covid-19 Resource Page. It can be found by clicking the COVID banner on any of the human services webpages or by sharing the link It has other supportive services for Pierce County residents, including Food Pantry sites, free online lessons from our Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) staff, and other financial assistance programs. Below are the programs currently available:
The Veterans Emergency COVID-19 Assistance (VECA) program has flexible criteria to allow for more Veterans and their families to qualify.
Services available include mortgage/rental assistance, back payments, car/lease payments, money for food, rent, utilities, etc.
There is no active duty or discharge requirement
Support ranges from 3-6 months
Apply for all services using this online application, or call 253-798-7449 to speak with a Veterans officer.

Rental Assistance
The Pierce County Emergency Rental Assistance Program serves eligible Pierce County households who cannot pay rent during the COVID-19 emergency. Job loss or reduction of hours is not a requirement for eligibility.
Households are eligible to receive one (1) month of emergency rent assistance and the possibility of one (1) additional month of assistance contingent on the need for ongoing assistance, and subject to available funding.

Need help with child care costs?
You may qualify for financial assistance to pay for child care if you are a Pierce County resident and your income, work, or access to child care has been negatively impacted by COVID-19 OR you are an essential worker
Call or text the Child Care Aware of Washington Family Center at 1-800-446-1114 Representatives are available Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides low-income seniors with vouchers to purchase produce from participating farmers markets and roadside stands.
Easily apply online or call the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) at (253) 798-4600.

Senior Nutrition Services
Available for ANY senior 60+ years old in Pierce County who need help accessing food. They just need to contact the ADRC at (253) 798-4600.
Get help with food shopping, food delivery, lunches to go, and home-delivered meals.

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